Episode 5 - The Pack

When he came out in his teens, Turbo worried that family wasn’t in his future. But after starting an altogether new kind of relationship in his mid-30s, Turbo finds a family where he never expected.


Episode 4 - Baby Blue Lies

Entrusted with his mother’s beloved Plymouth Reliant, Craig realizes that honesty may not always be the best policy.

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Episode 3 - The Waves

A lifelong perfectionist obsessed with achievement, Gary has it all: a prestigious job, a beautiful  wife, and two young children. But after a routine procedure goes wrong, Gary is forced to  contend with the true meaning of success, love, and fatherhood.



Episode 2 - The Third Dimension

Megan heeds the goddess when She gives some unexpected relationship advice.

Episode 1 - By Any Other Name 

When a new job brings Ruth to New York City, an unexpected text message leads her to love.